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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Baby Sarine is the size of a sesame seed!


Greg brought me home a onesie that reads “Mommy’s Little Monster”. We cannot wait to actually hold you; our little monster! 🙂

As of late, I really haven’t been feeling too bad (albeit Sunday morning I was sick – Merry Christmas!). I am very, very tired ALL the time and am quite sick of feeling bloated all hours of the day. Yuck.


However, my one vice? Diet Canada Dry Ginger Ale… mmm! 🙂

Poppyseed, your daddy and I are THRILLED to meet you and share our wonderfully crazy life with you!

I find my eyes welling up with tears when I think of us as your lucky parents. We love you already!


What = just about everything. 😦 Why doesn’t this poppyseed realize that I like  eggs? I would also like to enjoy a piece of dark chocolate here and there. Maybe some cheese. Thanks.

I’m grumpy; mostly because I cannot eat the leftover chocolate from making Greg’s vegan chocolate pie. Le sigh.

On to something that I treasure just as much as scrambled eggs –

-sleeping.  Yep, poppyseed is slowly (but SURELY) interrupting my sleeping patterns. As a teacher who wakes up at 5:30 each morning and is never in bed before 11 at night, this is quite frustrating. The past two nights have been atrocious and, unfortunately, Greg can attest to that. He spent last night on the couch because I wouldn’t stop “thrashing around” (his words – not mine. I insisted that I don’t “thrash”, I simply “explore the mattress”).

Although I am clearly a bit grumpy and disgruntled, a friend gave me some wonderful advice this morning:

“Take your vitamins, make a sandwich, and sit back and enjoy the ride.”

Yep. If our calculations are correct (and my symptoms aren’t just in my head) then there is a poppyseed brewin’ and a-growin’ inside me! Weird. Our first prenatal appointment is 14 days away so, needless to say, we’re a bit nervous.


Who am I kidding? We were terrified at first but now I find myself looking at my stomach and thinking about the possibility. The chance of life. “I’m so crafty, I make humans” sums up my feelings right about now!



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