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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Dear Greg,


I love you. You know that, though. I realize I say it a lot – okay, all the time – but it is just so important to me that you never forget that. Not even for a moment.

I love you even when you erupt in hysterics because Eli Manning threw a crappy pass. I love you even when you steal the covers during the night so you can “wrap up like a burrito”. But I especially love you when you play your banjo and sing to me. When you come home from work, I stop playing piano, and you say “keep playing”. I love you when you hold me, kiss me, and hold me some more. I love you when you wrestle with our dog and chase our crazy cat because I know that one day you will be an amazing father to our child.

Granted, I have loved you from ‘Day 1’, but I never knew our love would be like this. I never thought two people could be so compatible. We may have stumbled into each others’ lives but we apparently did so with a purpose. I’ll take it.

You are my greatest treasure… my partner in crime… my yankee… but most importantly?

Tu est le mien. (Since you are probably thinking “Speak English, woman!” right now: You are mine.)


“…there is nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name.”


Dismal. Sorrow. Disappointment. Frustration. Sympathy. Empathy?


We lost you. Greg and I lost you.

Maybe it simply was not “our time” to share our lives with you, our little one, but we simply wanted it to be “our time”. We wanted you. We will wait. We will wait for you to be ready for us next time.


We will wait for you, baby.

…during my planning period. đŸ™‚


Ha, ha! Oh, Greg… you and your super-sperm.


7 weeks and 2 days! Come on, blueberry! Keep truckin’. I promise your daddy and I aren’t too nuts…

Yep. That’s how large/small our baby is as of now! Holy crap, baby can grow! We have DOUBLED in size from last week… pretty phenomenal but I’m glad I don’t grow that quickly. Thank goodness for nine months!

So far, so good! Morning sickness is fairly nonexistent but smells do send me careening over the edge… quite frequently. And I’m sick of visiting the bathroom every hour. On the hour. Oh, and sleep? Yea, I still cannot get enough of it. Eight hours of sleep each  night and I”m a walking ZOMBIE in the morning.

“Good morning, students! Please excuse me while I snore.”


Our first prenatal appointment is MONDAY morning! But who’s excited…?

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