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Monthly Archives: February 2012

– but we call it “hurry the hell up” 🙂


With only 45 short days until the wedding, the man and I are ready for the honeymoon. The moon for honeys. The shag. OUR TRIP!


Don’t get me wrong; our wedding is going to be phenomenal and we are beyond excited but…


…yes, there is ALWAYS  a ‘but’…


Can’t this thing just plan itself? That would be so much easier.


I think it’s safe to say that we’re just ready to begin our “forever after”.


Adele sings it best (in my opinion – Greg is convinced Garth Brooks has a more angelic voice… psh) …”To Make You Feel My Love” ❤


Valentine’s Day!

(insert cute-sy remark here)




Greg and I (mostly Greg, though) are not big on Hallmark’s greatest money-making day of the year. (Although, I did make some pink fudge for his niece and nephew) So, one would think we obviously aren’t celebrating it.


And that one would be wrong! Because we are celebrating. Just in a …unique way.


The plan:

-The man and I meet at the Target parking lot at approximately 8 p.m. (unless, of course, I am late… which is always a real possibility)

-We set the clock for 10 minutes and a cash flow limit of $10 each

-While dodging each other like ninjas, we purchase gifts for each other within those limits

-Meet back at the car, go home, exchange goodies, and… you know…




…watch “The Notebook” or something.


I’ll see you in the Target parking lot, sweetie. I’ll be the woman with a rat’s nest on her head wearing slippers and sweat pants.

Happy V-Day!


Yes, this ‘breakfast of champions’ should have put us into a coma.

But it didn’t.

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