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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Baby girl turned 2-months-old on Saturday (yikes!) and went for her checkup yesterday. She was supposed to get her first “big” round of vaccines. So, what do we do? Split them. 


(Pause for various insults from the public…)


By delaying some of her vaccines, we are not putting our daughter at risk. We are not risking other children’s health. We are not being selfish and we are not being stupid. We are being diligent and taking the time to care for our daughter’s well-being. Anyway, she goes back next week for the remainder of her two-month vaccines. So, hush.


Anyway. Roo-baby is absolutely fantastic. Weighing in at 11.4 pounds and 22.5 inches long, I’d say she is pretty awesome. But then again, I’m pretty biased. 

We are also taking her on her first “vacation” this weekend. (We went to my parents’ house overnight a few weeks ago but I don’t really count that as a “vacation” since I think “vacations” consist of being gone for more than one night. Anyway…) I’ll get back to you on how successful this trip is. The trip itself is 4.5 hours long but with the babe, you can bet your under-garments it will be way longer. 

Fingers crossed!



This little critter is 7 1/2 weeks old… already! & I go back to work Monday… which makes for one incredibly sad mama. 😦

However, Roo is beautiful and amazing. Basically, we think she is the most awesome human in the world. Ever. Also, she rolled over yesterday which is NOT fine by me! What is fine?

Oh, just… her sneezes, desire to constantly snuggle with one of us, her ridiculous smiles, baby noises, baby noises, warm & wrinkly skin, baby noises, and her smiles. Her fuzzy hair is pretty great too. 🙂

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