3 Months Old?

Where is the time going? Oh, THAT’S RIGHT! Time flies faster than the speed of light when I’m working and missing my babe, when I’m nursing (& nursing… & nursing), when I’m sleeping, when she is sleeping, when she is pooping (& then peeing on the clean insert)… really, time is flying constantly.

I CAN’T STAND IT! Seriously. We need all the time in the world with our babe and her already being three-months-old is not taking the cake. At all.

However, she is incredibly adorable so I suppose that should serve as some compensation. 🙂 Also, Spring Break starts next week so this teacher is excited… WAY too excited, if you ask my husband.

So, to re-cap:

1. Baby girl is three months OLD.
2. I am ready for Spring Break.
3. #2 means I am reading for Summer Vacation (notice that breaks get Capital Letters? Yea. They are That Important.).
4. Baby girl is growing too fast. Did I mention she is three months old?