Recently, I have been thinking about my new life. (I say “new” life because after you have a child, everything really does change. I mean, nerd-face hubs and I are still us… but just a little different. You know, with spit-up on our clothes and in our hair. That kind of different.)

I am 24 years old and a brand-spankin’-new mom to a fifteen (almost sixteen) week old daughter. 


I am 24. I am married to the love of my life. I have a career that is forever challenging my patience (and the everlasting color of my hair). I am a mom. A mommy. Mother. Momma. Mum. Whatever you want to call it, my life is crazy and so incredibly new and different and strange and… and… wow.

Seriously, who thought I would love waking up during the night to a crying baby? (That’s a joke. No one likes waking up to cries. It’s just not a nice wake-up call.) Every day, I cannot wait to pick her up from my BIL/SIL’s house and take her home to nurse, wear, and coo. Yes, I coo at my daughter. I also speak in baby-nese… SO SUE ME!

Hubs and I could have never imagined any of this. Baby girl is the light of our lives now. Before her debut, I never realized just HOW I could love anyone more than I love Greg. Ahh, how things have changed. 😉 The love I have for my daughter simply cannot be compared to anything because there is NOTHING like it in the world.  


It is hard to believe she has been in our lives for over three months already. Time is already whipping by and our love for her grows more and more every day (even with the diaper leaks, the foul breath, the bald spot on the back of her head… the list goes on and on).