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Every Mornin'

So, every morning, as I am getting ready to face my students, I have this reoccurring thought: “I am a mother & that is totally weird.”

Right!? Please tell me I am not the only parent who thinks this… on the frequent.

This girl, MY girl, is absolutely gorgeous! I mean, seriously. How did I land this chick? What did I do?!

Oh, that’s right.

So, what does this ADORBS creature give to me every day? What wonderful gift does she bestow upon me each afternoon?

Let us review:

1. spit-up. sour, sour, spit-up.

2. poop! breastfed babies have some rank poop.

3. giggles. okay, so these are pretty awesome.

4. gas. these are not as awesome as giggles. although, they do start with a ‘g’.

5. hilarious facial expressions. i say ‘hilarious’ because that is exactly what they are. rooney girl likes to make the “owl face”. Pictures to follow.

Roo_owl face_copyrighted

Brag about your kid. Go!

(& one more for good measure…)

Roo_teal shirt_copyrighted


Recently, a teacher buddy (yes, that’s what we call each other: “teacher friends” or “teacher buddies” sound far better than “someone I teach with”) turned me on to Stitch Fix. Never heard of it? Check them out here. You fill out a style profile, give them a price point, pay $20, and a stylist picks out five fabulous items for you. Whatever you decide to keep, that $20 is applied to your order.

Anyway, on to my fix…




Oooh, Miranda… Upon first glance at the actual clothes in the box, I was beyond excited! Then I looked at this receipt and almost threw up. $68 was the cheapest item! I specifically requested “as cheap as I can get” when Stitch Fix asked for my price preference. Apparently, they didn’t listen. Come on, Miranda!



I DID completely love this denim jacket, though. (Ignore my weird pose. I don’t like having my picture taken.) I wish I had taken a better picture of the Santuary pants, though. They have an ELASTIC band (muffin top, anyone?), which is absolutely ridiculous. I just had a baby 5 months ago… I don’t want any other clothes that resemble maternity clothes in any way, shape, or form. Just, NO. 

LoveMarks denim top: RETURNED

Sanctuary pants: RETURNED




Next we come to this little “gem”. Notice that “gem” is in quotation marks? That’s because I’m exuding sarcasm through the internet. This Daniel Rainn peasant top is for the birds! I can’t even describe how much I dislike it.

Daniel Rainn peasant top: RETURNED






Olive & Oak sent my last two items: this plaid top and the sleeveless dress. These two were the best picks, by far. I would have totally bought the plaid top if it weren’t $68! Seriously? How does a sheer top cost that much money!? No freaking way. 

Olive & Oak plaid top: RETURNED

The dress would have also been a keeper but it was HAND WASH ONLY and LAY FLAT/RESHAPE TO DRY. I am a teacher by day and a new mother by night. Certainly, my sweet Miranda, my wonderful stylist, was just kidding, right? Right!?

Olive & Oak sleeveless dress: RETURNED





I was incredibly excited about the idea of Stitch Fix but was ultimately disappointed with my pieces. I sent a super detailed comment back to my stylist, though, in hopes that she will get it right next time. 

& yes, there will be a next time. I believe in second chances & my closet does too. 


So, once again, if you would like to give Stitch Fix a try, check them out her. Don’t be scared by my experience… everyone I know has had huge success with them. Maybe I’m just picky. 

(Baby, that is…)

My wonderful BIL and SIL welcomed their 5th (yes, 5th!) baby into this crazy world today at 6:27 in the morning. Baby girl Irene (or Mambo, as I will call her… Lou Bega’s “Mambo #5” anyone?) weighed in at a petite 6 lbs 6 oz and 17.5 inches long. 🙂

Check out Jeremy’s thorough updates here.

Rooney girl, my love, I think you already have to relinquish your “I’m the Smallest of Them All” crown to Mambo. Gracefully, now. 😉

…making fun of your kid(s) all the time; with which I am totally O.K. Actually, I am more than O.K. with that. I am thrilled that other people share in this small piece of enjoyment.


Check this puppy out. (& no, it is not a REAL puppy. It is way better. WAY better.)

Recently, I have been thinking about my new life. (I say “new” life because after you have a child, everything really does change. I mean, nerd-face hubs and I are still us… but just a little different. You know, with spit-up on our clothes and in our hair. That kind of different.)

I am 24 years old and a brand-spankin’-new mom to a fifteen (almost sixteen) week old daughter. 


I am 24. I am married to the love of my life. I have a career that is forever challenging my patience (and the everlasting color of my hair). I am a mom. A mommy. Mother. Momma. Mum. Whatever you want to call it, my life is crazy and so incredibly new and different and strange and… and… wow.

Seriously, who thought I would love waking up during the night to a crying baby? (That’s a joke. No one likes waking up to cries. It’s just not a nice wake-up call.) Every day, I cannot wait to pick her up from my BIL/SIL’s house and take her home to nurse, wear, and coo. Yes, I coo at my daughter. I also speak in baby-nese… SO SUE ME!

Hubs and I could have never imagined any of this. Baby girl is the light of our lives now. Before her debut, I never realized just HOW I could love anyone more than I love Greg. Ahh, how things have changed. 😉 The love I have for my daughter simply cannot be compared to anything because there is NOTHING like it in the world.  


It is hard to believe she has been in our lives for over three months already. Time is already whipping by and our love for her grows more and more every day (even with the diaper leaks, the foul breath, the bald spot on the back of her head… the list goes on and on). 

3 Months Old?

Where is the time going? Oh, THAT’S RIGHT! Time flies faster than the speed of light when I’m working and missing my babe, when I’m nursing (& nursing… & nursing), when I’m sleeping, when she is sleeping, when she is pooping (& then peeing on the clean insert)… really, time is flying constantly.

I CAN’T STAND IT! Seriously. We need all the time in the world with our babe and her already being three-months-old is not taking the cake. At all.

However, she is incredibly adorable so I suppose that should serve as some compensation. 🙂 Also, Spring Break starts next week so this teacher is excited… WAY too excited, if you ask my husband.

So, to re-cap:

1. Baby girl is three months OLD.
2. I am ready for Spring Break.
3. #2 means I am reading for Summer Vacation (notice that breaks get Capital Letters? Yea. They are That Important.).
4. Baby girl is growing too fast. Did I mention she is three months old?

Yea. This is that post. You know. About diapers.


I never, in a million freaking years, thought I would be talking about diapers and what comes out of my daughter’s rear end. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. 


So, nerd-face hubs (affectionate, right?) and I decided to go the route of cloth diapering for Rooney. This was for the sake of our wallets, the environment, and… I don’t even know. They’re cute? Yea, they’re really, REALLY cute. 


However, my brother-in-law told me about The Honest Company. Never heard of them? You should have. Aren’t interested in disposables? You should still check them out. For $5.95 you can subscribe for a “trial run” of diapers, wipes, and cleaning products. All of these puppies are plant-based, fragrance-free, and biodegradable. Also, the disposables don’t have that DISGUSTING gel-like substance in them that can explode (literally) all over your little one’s bum if they have a blow-out. 

Also, the diapers come in some insanely cute styles. Personally, I ordered the purple leopard print for Rooney. Sue me.

FYI: You have seven days from receipt of your sample package(s) to cancel your monthly membership!


Now, this doesn’t mean we have stopped cloth diapering. This DOES mean that we will always keep a back-up package of The Honest Company diapers on hand at all times because really… baby’s butts are pretty unpredictable. 🙂


Happy diapering!

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