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Every Mornin'

So, every morning, as I am getting ready to face my students, I have this reoccurring thought: “I am a mother & that is totally weird.”

Right!? Please tell me I am not the only parent who thinks this… on the frequent.

This girl, MY girl, is absolutely gorgeous! I mean, seriously. How did I land this chick? What did I do?!

Oh, that’s right.

So, what does this ADORBS creature give to me every day? What wonderful gift does she bestow upon me each afternoon?

Let us review:

1. spit-up. sour, sour, spit-up.

2. poop! breastfed babies have some rank poop.

3. giggles. okay, so these are pretty awesome.

4. gas. these are not as awesome as giggles. although, they do start with a ‘g’.

5. hilarious facial expressions. i say ‘hilarious’ because that is exactly what they are. rooney girl likes to make the “owl face”. Pictures to follow.

Roo_owl face_copyrighted

Brag about your kid. Go!

(& one more for good measure…)

Roo_teal shirt_copyrighted


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